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Hearing Aid Repairs

Heritage Mobile Hearing Solutions offers professional and reliable hearing aid repairs.

Hearing Aid Adjustments

At Heritage Mobile Hearing Solutions, you can be assured to receive optimal hearing instrument programming. We also offer remote hearing aid programming. With the rising trend of telehealth we can accommodate your needs in a challenge COVID-19 environment.

Hearing Tests

We offer full diagnostic hearing evaluations in our office or in the comfort of your own home or business. We use the most up to date clinical audiometer, so rest assured your hearing assessment will be top notch.

OTC Hearing Aids

Also known as over-the-counter hearing aids, are innovative devices designed to help individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss regain their ability to hear clearly. Unlike traditional hearing aids, which require a prescription from a licensed audiologist or hearing healthcare professional, OTC hearing aids can be purchased directly by the consumer without a medical evaluation. These cutting-edge devices offer a convenient and affordable solution for those seeking amplification for their hearing difficulties.

Don't let untreated hearing loss hold you back any longer. Take advantage of the latest advancements in technology with OTC hearing aids and rediscover the joy of crystal-clear sound. Join us on this journey towards better hearing today!

Medical Grade Hearing Aids

We can fit medical grade hearing aids, designed to provide exceptional sound quality and advanced technology to help with your hearing loss. Medical grade hearing aids are specifically developed to meet the strict standards set by healthcare professionals and regulatory bodies. With cutting-edge features such as adaptive noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and wireless connectivity, the devices we can fit for you offer a seamless listening experience in various environments.

We are dedicated to assessing your unique needs and finding the perfect medical grade hearing aid solution that will enhance your communication and overall quality of life.

Areas We Service

Primary Cities Served By Heritage Mobile Hearing Solutions:

  • Waco

  • Hewitt

  • Woodway

  • McGregor

  • Elm Mott

  • China Springs

Primary Counties Served By Heritage Mobile Hearing Solutions:

  • McLennan County

  • Bell County

  • Navarro County

  • Freestone County

  • Milam County

  • Bosque County

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We’re here for you when you need us! We offer both professional mobile hearing healthcare services and in-office care. Weekend appointments are also available.

Our office is located in the Woolworth Suites (Start Up Waco).​

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We now have a new location! Every Friday, we will be serving patients in the Falls County Specialty Clinic in Marlin, TX.

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